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Orbit Sports Manufacturers, manufactures and supplies a wide variety of Sports Protective gear and various sporting equipment to the southern African region, as well as internationally.

The company has grown rapidly in the past 20 years. By means of utilising innovative and inexpensive moulding technology, Orbit Sports Manufactures has fast become the largest sports equipment manufacturer in Africa, giving it a competitive edge over alternative low-cost suppliers. Also, by having non-volumetric transportation contracts in place with leading service providers, Orbit Sports has the ability to supply equipment at a fraction of the cost nation-wide, affording customers a competitive advantage.

In addition to in-house manufactured sporting equipment, Orbit Sports manufacturers also supplies imported sporting goods which makes this company one of the most versatile sporting goods suppliers.

The popular “StormForce” brand of protection and sports products is the flagship brand of Orbit Sports, covering an array of sports ranging from rugby, cricket, hockey, athletics, netball, swimming, martial arts, MMA and others.

Orbit Sports Manufacturers CC is a BEE Level 2 contributer.