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You’ve seen the backyard bowling experiment, now see the testing behind the demo. To measure the effectiveness of PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection Material, a bowling ball is dropped onto various pieces of foam that sit atop a pressure-sensing device. The test compared PORON XRD Materials and three other popular shock-absorbing materials used in protective equipment and apparel.

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During the test, the ball is dropped on the foam and the pressure-sensing device measures the impact. It then color-codes the magnitudes of the pressures, from purple (lowest) to red (highest).




ENERGY ON IMPACT: PORON XRD Materials absorb more energy than competitive materials— nearly twice as much in some cases. The impact is also distributed over a greater area of the material, as opposed to directly through the material and to the other side (i.e. you).


IMPACT DISPERSION GRAPH: The amount of pressure detected along a line through the center of the area of impact was created and mapped. The distance recorded on the x-axis is a measurement of the diameter of the impact area, and the y-axis measures the pressure detected at that distance along the line.


Results shown are not from experimental bowling ball demonstration, but represent data collected under laboratory conditions.