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The PORON® XRD™ M-Guard was the first molded part introduced
by Rogers Corporations in its growing line of flexible, contouring and impact absorbing shapes. Only Rogers Corporation can bring you the quality and performance that you have come to rely on from PORON® XRD™ Materials in molded parts that suit a variety of designs.
PORON XRD Extreme Impact Protection shapes offer all the benefits of the standard PORON XRD product including:

  • Consistent, repeated impact absorption for dependable performance throughout the life of your product.
  • A wearable protection material that’s contouring, soft and flexible. g Lightweight and low-profile material technology that adds a powerful design advantage.
  • A material that helps to enhance your current and next generation designs.
  • Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. This built-in technology won’t rub, wear or wash away.
  • Available in 5 different sizes to fit your specific design requirements .

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Added design and performance enhancing benefits:

1. Built-in ‘grooved hinges’ are designed to increase flexibility and allow for a wearable protection material without the need for additional skiving or other costly secondary operations.

2. Channels created by the unique design of the PORON XRD molded shapes help to allow air and moisture to move freely – bringing increased breathability.

3. Ready-to-use molded parts allow for easy product design solutions. The convenient molded shapes are perfect for a variety of uses including footwear metatarsal guards, shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guards.

4. Contoured, feathered edges offer a sleek, slim design that can be seamlessly incorporated into products. With PORON XRD Material shapes, you build in greater impact protection, not bulk.

5. Consumers want to understand the technology behind the products they purchase and now the PORON XRD design enhancing shapes provide your brand with a visible performance advantage over products made with other materials.




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PORON XRD material has been tested to absorb up to 90% of the energy from impact, surpassing performance of current impact absorbing materials in various applications.

In many cases, PORON XRD material is thinner, more flexible and less dense than competitive materials, thus helping to not weigh down the athlete or hinder performance!

Chart Description

PORON XRD material has superior compression set resistance, compared to the competition, maintaining its shape and performance attributes for the life of the product.


PORON® XRDTM Extreme Impact Protection – PRElIMINARY Physical Properties  


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1. All metric conversions are approximate.     2. Additional technical services are available.      3. Information listed based on typical physical properties.       4. * Standard testing property; Certificate of Compliance available per lot.


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During application use, it is recommend to place the PORON M-Guard with the grooved side against the body, foot, etc. The grooved hinges are designed to flex inward during motion. The PORON XRD M-Guard graphics are for visual representation.